Who We Are - Webleedblue.com


Founded in 2011 in a Queens, New York basement with a sketchbook and an idea, Webleedblue.com had one goal in mind; to give the New York hockey fan some unique apparel to rock on game day or at the bar up the block. Fast forward 4 years, countless shirts all over the city, 80,000+ social media fans, dozens of packed-house viewing parties and 4 Nassau/Brooklyn group outings later, we still can't thank everyone for the support they've shown us along the way.

We Bleed Blue has become what it has because we're real fans, we're hockey guys and we get it. We sit in the blue seats yelling "wait for the whistle" to those who just "don't get it." 

Aside from giving fellow Blueshirt fans a community to feel a part of, we were also raised the right way. It's important to give back to those in need any way we can. Whether it was participating in a charity event, making a monetary or apparel donation or simply spreading the word to our fellow fans, we've always kept it a priority to give to those who need.

All of these things together make us who we are. Thank you for all of the support on this wild ride!